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Cloud Hub with flexible Storage Solution offers you permanently flexible online-storage for location-independent data management within the Cloud Hub Solution, with the highest level of protection in secure German data centers. Whether you're in the office, at home, or traveling, you have your documents, entertainment media, and photos always at your fingertips or in seconds on all devices. The online storage in the cloud is flexibly expandable and offers numerous interfaces for effective use on: computers, tablets and smartphones. Experts can integrate the cloud into existing systems via WebDAV or use it as a Cloud Hub to integrate other existing clouds.

The Cloud Solution is a combination of network nodes to connect multiple clouds and integrated stroage plus optional available flexible storage packages for home or business use, providing professional data management options in a secure location via multi-functional interfaces. Connect employees, project groups, and other clouds for collaboration, or easily share files with friends, relatives, and colleagues. With integrated productivity tools, you can effectively use your data and store it centrally, share documents and edit online at any time.

Convincing Advantages

We provide powerful technical instances to ensure at all times that your booked products are stable and fail-safe...

We place the highest priority on security with intelligent features in our data centers, thus ensuring optimum protection...

We offer flexible and transparent tariffs that give you full freedom of choice over the price, term and resources needed...

We ensure the intuitive usability of our products to ensure effective utilisation and easy access at all times ...


Product Features

  • German Data Center
  • Powerful Server Architecture
  • Private and Commercial Use
  • High Data Security
  • Flexible Duration / Payment Cycles
  • 24/7 Professional Support
  • Location-Independent File Access
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • External Storage Mapping
  • Extentable Storage Solutions
  • Unlimited File Formats
  • File Versioning
  • Share via Smart Links
  • Up- / Downloads Unlimited
  • Upload and Download Approvals
  • Large File Support
  • Intuitive Web Management (UI)
  • Cross Browser Tested
  • Browser Drag and Drop Operation
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • Synchronization via Software
  • Setup as Network Connection
  • Software for Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Windows
  • Productivity Software (Collabora)*
  • Quick File Viewer (PDF, Text, Video, Pictures)
  • Organisational Tools (Calender, Contacts, Tasks)*
  • External Access (WebDAV/CalDAV/CardDAV)*
  • Storage Mapping (WebDAV, FTP, Amazon)*
  • Network Ready as a Cloud Hub
  • Trash / Restore
  • Email Polling (IMAP)*
  • Premium Email Account (IMAP)*

Software Operations

  • Nextcloud Based Operating System
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Nextcloud Store Apps*

Addons & Extensions

  • Storage Extension Internal*
  • Storage Extension External*
  • Cloud Transfer Service*
  • Domain Mapping*
  • Premium Email Accounts*


* only available in appropriate tariffs


Tariff Comparison

Choose your flexible package according to your individual requirements ...


Take advantage of secure data retention with real-time synchronization and organize appointments, tasks, and contacts across devices. Order the Cloud Hub Solution including Online-Storage according to purpose, storage requirements and functionality at the current preferential price and additionally save on the choice of longer durations, at the same time gain full price guarantee. 



Essential Cloud Solution






from 0,75   € / Month

monthly or annually



10 GB Cloud Storage

Unlimited Traffic

Web Management


German Data Center

ISO 27001 Certified







Professional Cloud Solution


+ Organisational Tools

+ 10 Email Accounts



from   2,49   € / Month

monthly or annually



25 GB Cloud Storage

Unlimited Traffic

Web Management


German Data Center

ISO 27001 Certified







Enterprise Cloud Solution


+ Productivity Tools
+ Organisational Tools
+ 25 Email Accounts


from   5,80   € / Month

monthly or annually



60 GB Cloud Storage

Unlimited Traffic

Web Management


German Data Center

ISO 27001 Certified








Product Information & Contractual Conditions *


The administration of the cloud solution as well as all inclusive functions are carried out via a web interface, which is accessible within all common browsers. The package versions are nodes-capable solutions to connect multiple cloud storages and manage it through a single interface. The packages allow the creation of a cloud network (Cloud Hub) to transfer files between clouds and to manage multiple clouds via a web interface (UI). Depending on the package version, they contain the specified main storage and the number of email accounts consisting of emaildomains from available servicedomains of the provider network, each with 2 GB of email storage, which are set up manually upon request. Other pre-defined features such as productivity tools (Collabora or OnlyOffice document editing) are already integrated on a fair use concept that can optionally be upgraded to the full version as well and organization tools (calendar, tasks, contacts) are available in the higher-end package versions. Optionally, storage packages for expanding the cloud solution are available, which are hardlinked to main memory and then available as additional storage through the respective folders. 


Part of the contract is solely the technical provision of storage and the administration of the necessary resources and any bookable options that are in the sole administration area of Each individual package refers to a software-driven storage product that defines one (1) cloud account at a time. The duration of the cloud solution is freely selectable between one month and one year. Billing takes place in advance for the entire selected term. The monthly payment will be subject to a one-time setup fee. With the annual payment method, we do not charge a set-up fee. There will be an automatic contract renewal if the cancellation is not made on time, at the latest 30 days before the end of the current booking period. With the expiration date, all services will be permanently suspended and all files stored in the cloud will be irretrievably removed. We reserve the right to discontinue services immediately if: Delayed payment occurs, payments fail, chargebacks occur or renewal bookings fail. Promotional prices are for the first period of validity (duration) unless otherwise stated. Thereafter, the regular standard prices apply. Changes to the current prices, for the applicable rates, are at the sole discretion of Promotions, discounts or free add-ons must be added to the shopping cart with a promotional code during the order to be considered for the current purchase. Promotions are subject to additional conditions and can not be combined with other promotions!


We have no influence on the functions and the development status of the operating system "Nextcloud" as well as the existing apps and synchronization software. Even if these functions or types of use are available free of charge, you may enter into a separate contract with the respective manufacturer, regardless of the tariff package purchased here. The specification and operation is valid at the time of publication by the manufacturer and may change or be discontinued at any time. We do not accept any support or liability for intermediates of this type or third party suppliers nor do we warrant the expected or described functionality of the manufacturer. Access to the management interface is granted via a service URL or sub-domain which is the property of the operator and is only provided for the purpose and duration of the contractual relationship. Extra options are subject to separate contract terms and can be ordered during the order or afterwards. As a safeguard, deleted files in the main storage are kept in the trash if there is enough main storage available, but at the latest for 20 days. The backup of our servers takes place daily to prevent failures or total losses. Account-based backups are not created and must be performed by the customer using synchronization software on a local computer.


We do not limit the usability of the file formats in the cloud, except the ones that are offered for download only to a large mass, which are security-critical, violate applicable law or serve the purpose of harming our servers or other target devices. Furthermore, it is not allowed to use illegal forms of utilization! This includes, but is not limited to, the distribution of spam or the impairment of servers and software operations as well as the reputation of the subdomains, service URLs, IP addresses and all other services provided. In the event of a breach of these Terms of Use, we immediately discontinue the provision of the service and reserve the right to take legal action. The services booked are personal and it is not permitted to pass these on to third parties or resell them in any way. As the technical facilities are shared resources, all unlimited functions are subject to the fair use policy and require prudent, responsible use by each individual user. The information on the processing of personal data when using our service can be found in our privacy policy. If you act as a business yourself and process personal data in the cloud, you must independently inform the individuals concerned of the nature and purpose of the data processing and obtain their explicit consent.


The product range of is only available through the Provider Network and consists of various product components of Strato AG, Ionos SE and Ionos Cloud GmbH as well as services of and the open source solution "Nextcloud". At any time, additional contractual partners may be called in and parts or services may be outsourced to third parties, provided that this serves to ensure the operation or the performance described.


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